I’ve only come across reporting on entrepreneurship only a few times at the University of Montana. My first project was reporting an audio story about businesses that lost revenue during the 2020 financial crash. Unfortunately this story is lost to the weeds, although it is worth noting that is was broadcast to UM’s college radio station KBGA.

My proudest project was creating a business profile for the “Made In Montana” in my intermediate video class. The story I found is about a mom and pop bed and breakfast located in Babb, MT, that faced extreme customer declines during the summer of 2020 and its impact on the owner and his family. I felt that telling this story in the winter made the somber theme of the video mix with the surrounding environment. In order to shoot the story, I almost froze half to death in negative windchills, although the experience was worth it and I’d do it again in a heartbeat.