Leadership and Team Building

As the Editor-in-Chief of Broadcast Journalism, I am required to use my skills to make the class concise so we can all work with a common goal: Creating an episode of The Breakdown, our monthly news show. I’ve made it a goal to make sure that every student has a job on the staff, so there is always something to be done, and to be a part of the production when it comes to showtime. The best way to use this method, is to create The Breakdown live, and the studio can operate just like a news station.

One of my strongest skills is leadership and team building. Over the past year, I’ve covered things that would never enter the consciousness of the average person or student. This is best shown in my video about the wildfires that occurred during the late summer, just 30 miles from our home in West Linn. This video created a call to action and posed the idea for us to be “stewards” of the environment.