In September 2020, I was commissioned to produce a promotional video for a social fraternity at the University of Montana. A play-on the Full-House intro, I only had about two days to design, produce, and edit the video before it would be shared online. Afterwards, it was shared over 8,000 people, and shared across multiple college campuses across the United States.

Here are all of my personal video projects that have been made for various people/groups. The first project is a video I produced for West Linn Young Life to document the start of the 2018-2019 school year scavenger hunt.

The next video is a project that I was hired to create. It features Philip Chan, Magician at West Linn. The project shows him displaying his talents to students, and I captured their reactions.

The most recent project is my quick trip to Europe, where I went to 3 countries in 6 days. This displays street art in London, tasty eats in Amsterdam, and the amazing culture in Ireland.

After reading “The Third Chimpanzee” by Jared Diamond, I was inspired to leave a lasting impact on the world, so future people can know of my existence. I went out to a cave and carved various symbols with a message guiding others leave their mark as well.